An engrossing journey through the rise and fall of one of history’s greatest empires, the Roman Empire, is what “The Beginning and The End” offers its readers. Booklovers are given a fascinating glimpse into the military fearlessness, cultural influences, and political machinations that drove the expansion and eventual decline of the empire through detailed accounts of the Ninth Legion’s service to Caesar in the northern theater of Gaul. 

As the plot develops, readers learn more about the difficulties faced by Roman soldiers and the larger historical forces that shaped their world. If you’re interested in the fascinating history of the Roman Empire, “The Beginning and The End” is a book you must read, whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a captivating tale.

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Giovanni Rocca is a man of hidden talents. Born in Italy, he immigrated to the United States with his siblings at a young age, pursuing his impressive service as a paratrooper commando for the Italian army. Giovanni worked hard during the day and studied English at night after moving to the United States, eventually becoming fluent in four languages: Italian, English, Portuguese, and Spanish, with a touch of French.

Unlocking the Secrets of an Ancient Superpower

Siege warfare and cavalry charges, among other military strategies and tactics, were used by Gaius Marius, Julius Caesar, Marcus Lucius, and Marcus Antony against the Gaul.

The political maneuvering and power struggles among the Roman generals as they vie for control and influence in the Republic while trying to conquer the Gaul.

The cultural clashes between the Roman conquerors and the Gaul, including their divergent religions, customs, and ways of life, leading to intense conflicts and acts of resistance.

The bravery and determination of the Vercingetorix chief of the Gaul, as he leads his people in a fierce struggle for independence against the might of the Roman Empire, inspire others to join his cause and fight for their freedom.


As always, the author has delivered a fun and action packed thrill ride. This book reads like a game in play, the action moving up in intensity the way a game moves from level to level.
Rocca's writing effortlessly transports readers to the ancient world, immersing them in the glory and power of the Roman Empire. Through vivid descriptions and meticulous research, he paints a vivid picture of an empire that once spanned Asia, Europe, and Africa simultaneously. Readers are exposed to the rise of Christianity, the transition from paganism, and the profound influence these changes had on the empire's destiny.
The author's skillful storytelling unveils the fascinating tales of the Ninth Legion, highlighting their pivotal role in serving Caesar and their contributions to the empire's military campaigns. Rocca adeptly balances historical accuracy with narrative flair, ensuring that readers are both educated and entertained.
Totally enjoyed Nonus Legio book by Giovanni Rocca, takes you on a fast moving plot with great characters. His writing style keeps the story moving along. And I look forward to his next book?
Loved this book. It has been well written and keep the reader interested in the story line.
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